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    Doctor Heal Thyself

    I’m going to explore a concept that’s as old as time but often overlooked: the idea of ‘Doctor Heal Thyself.’ This isn’t just about relying on your own knowledge to improve your health; it’s also about tapping into the inner ‘Healer’ that each one of us possesses. It’s been said that we have an inherent ability to facilitate our own healing, yet we’re so fixated on external solutions that we neglect our internal ones. In my opinion, recognizing the ‘Healer’ within us provides a sense of empowerment that’s both transformative and deeply personal. You’re going to find out about the power that resides in self-healing. But why do we tend…

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    What are You Doing?

    What is the Essence of Your Life? Does it Change daily, yearly, or within a decade itself, or does time fly by, or do things just happen to you, or do things just stay the same? One Routine, you have Set, and it is the same things that you do Daily, with the months and years passing, nothing changes? Is this so? Or do you ask Yourself these questions? Is there Self Examination as a part of your life doing? Is the phrase “Vision Quest” something you’ve come to in Your daily walkings, wakings? Do you feel that Your daily walk includes an ideal of “Vision Questing”? I believe that…

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    Who are You?

    Have you ever thought of this question? And you have you ever engaged in an inner conversation about this or have you answered this question for Yourself? Who are You? Are you in tune with who You are? Do you feel that rumble in your heart for those things you dream of doing and have not done yet? Are YOU walking the pathway in your life that is which your heart and soul have visualized for YOU, or is this still calling? How much of Who You Are in your daily walk expresses what you believe? How fully are you living, and do you find yourself not believing in your…