What is the Essence of Your Life?

Does it Change daily, yearly, or within a decade itself, or does time fly by, or do things just happen to you, or do things just stay the same? One Routine, you have Set, and it is the same things that you do Daily, with the months and years passing, nothing changes? Is this so? Or do you ask Yourself these questions? Is there Self Examination as a part of your life doing?

Is the phrase “Vision Quest” something you’ve come to in Your daily walkings, wakings? Do you feel that Your daily walk includes an ideal of “Vision Questing”? I believe that the nature of life is “Movement” and that Life is one continuous moving wheel, so for me, there is the “Vision Quest”! What are your thoughts on this?

When I am “awake”, a good word to consider ~ how “awake” am I to the movement of time, and the mystery of life that I am living. I am moving with time in a rhythmic fashion or maybe I am allowing time to slip by without engaging in this way with life. When I am in a lazy mind soul essence, does time move, and do I sort of standstill? Waking to time is the work we have in front of us in this life, I believe. Time is always moving and so must we…with more and more conscious awareness. This is what I believe!

I believe that life offers us the opportunity to continue to touch on the idea of what our “Vision Quest” is, or has been, and how we might move forward with more of our essence…